Wire has lost quite a bit of credibility recently, but still I think the alternatives are not any better.

I’m @woisaas there.

id fingerprint


ec a6 08 1f 4d 79 d4 ff e1 00 13 c2 e9 de c6 38 88 2a 89 38 ad 59 8e 6a 27 6a fa 66 f0 5f c9 fa


7b b8 d2 a9 f6 c3 cf d1 82 cb ce 9a 77 0b cd d0 ca b9 da 8a 77 15 f3 3f f4 92 22 52 db 2e ae 29


43 81 58 03 cf ee f3 69 97 1c ea 37 7b 25 55 00 78 ac be 51 b2 46 a3 f7 77 08 bd 40 d3 e6 b0 1d


1e 69 0d 21 21 54 74 c7 b4 a6 53 3b eb 17 38 6b 1e b2 6c 56 ff db 79 31 de a7 a6 5b df 74 f3 b0


The XMPP account I currently use the most is jsv at

Here are my OMEMO keys' fingerprints:




72c41215 6c021538 977e01d9 f7f55ca7 cbe2b707 c2631550 1baa4be3 39bbe533


61b101af a981f598 ea989f0f 8ac0db29 980fed64 4e6b91fc 4041d85c 390f9538


7f9588cb c8fb90ad 9a5e9d57 0b9b33e9 b8a02869 5ab1d521 6d278fa8 405dea11


0ea67791 2dd65d71 e71686ad 68ae19fd d7f56832 fd1bc0d5 7692bec0 42a5d813

If you are using Conversations or one of its clones, you can scan this 2d-barcode to add me:

QR Code


The only other messenger I currently use is Telegram, but I try to avoid it as much as possible. If for whatever strange reason you feel you absolutely must to talk to me there, drop me a PM anywhere else.

Assorted Ed25519 keys

While I maintaing PGP keys for my principal email addresses (which you can find on if you know my e-mail), I’m not a big fan of PGP and I do not put much effort into maintaining them properly.

I do have keys for recently proposed simpler alternatives, which I might or might not be using, but here they are just in case:


RWQlWHOKBifW/43E5ima8Pk+A7/esURgrUP6orpstNP6t3ju8e01X1BS (

The content of this page is signed with minisign just to show I indeed hold the private key.